Commodity Futures

Commodity Futures

You can be trading major global futures products, including crude oil, natural gas, cotton, and cocoa, etc. through your CWG account. Commodity futures are the most popular trading instruments for CFD products. In addition to a wide variety of commodity futures, we now also offer commodities with no expiration date.

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Spreads and Swap fee

Check our spread and swap fee below

The new way to trade commodities

Our new commodity product enables you to take a short-term view on most commodity markets.

The new offering works in the same way as an index CFD. And just like an index position, you’ll pay a funding charge for holding your commodity position overnight.

As there are no fixed expiries, we are also able to offer continuous charting on these markets. This means your technical analysis will be available as long as you want it. We have used past data to backdate our charts for the last three to five years, so you can get an accurate historical look.


Lower spreads

Enjoy some of the best commodity spreads on the market with no insurance costs, including on gold and oil


Increased transparency

As a continuous stream, your profit/loss will be clearer over the position's lifetime and with a daily funding charge for holding a position overnight, there's no need to close on expiry and open a new position


Continuous charting

Take advantage of technical analysis, available as long as you want, and backdated price

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Highly Liquid Market

Crude oil is widely used and actively traded. Buying or selling a single oil CFD is the equivalent of trading a single oil future, i.e. buying 1000 barrels in the underlying WTI or BRT market.


High Leverage

CWG Markets offers competitive leverage for traders to maximize the impact of their trades.


More Trading Opportunities

Energy commodities have been subject to regular and substantial price movements. Oil price volatility results in significant trade opportunities for traders.


Portfolio Diversification

As a hard asset with low correlation to stocks and bonds, oil investments could diversify your assets and enrich your investment portfolio.

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